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A method of identifying and solving problems that depends on creative thinking, the use of analogy and informal conversation among a small group of individuals with diverse experience and expertise.
It is proven again and again that out of any knowledge programs acquired by individuals only 3% apply that knowledge to the fullest extend. 5% will implement few steps for a period of time only. The remaining 92% will do nothing with it as there is no ongoing support and motivation to help them.
The MTF Synectics™ are designed to address these short comings and help more of you to boost the number of those privileged 3%.
Over 90% of participants in seminars, workshops said that they were overwhelmed with the volume of information and did not really know where to start. With the Synectics series, Management Task Force give you an exact detailed framework to enable you to improve your Life strategies, Business/Professional Master Plan.
At the conclusion of each program you have in front of you a structured action plan that you can easily refer to every step of the way, review it, make your own adjustments as you progress, ready for more opportunities, abundance and purpose into your life.
Golden Series
MTF Advanced Life Strategies Program.
6 modules delivered in 3 X 2 hours intensive workshops for your Life Strategies Advancement.
1. Developing and living your own authentic identity in the now.
2. Taking care of yourself first.
3. The dynamics of you clear thinking.
4. Developing rewarding relationships.
5. Expressing your true desires, positioning and values in all areas of your life.
6. Complete your Life Strategies Accelerated Breakthrough Board, review it for congruency, re-align it,   Summarize the action steps to implementing it.

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You can join the program at any time.

Total Fees $192.00.

Fully refundable at the end of the program if you are not entirely satisfied with your outcome.

Golden Plus Series

Include the 6 modules of the MTF Advanced Life Strategies Program(Details As Above)
PLUS 6 modules of the MTF Advanced Business/Professional Development Program delivered in
X 2 hours in intensive workshops to complete your strategies and implementation steps for the growth of your business and/or professional career.

7. Understanding and taking an active part of your own marketing survey with a laser focus on objectivity.
8. Establish your own Business/Professional positioning and branding.
9. Progressive marketing strategies to strengthen your Business/Professional positioning for increased revenues.
10. Self financing strategies for the development and expansion of your Business/Profession.
11. Administrating and managing the delivery of your goods and services.
12. Completing your Business/Professional Plan.
       review the congruency of your advanced Business/Professional Development Program.
Program when booked separately
Fee Golden Series
Fee Golden Plus Series
Total Fees
Fully refundable at the end of the program if you are not entirely satisfied with your outcome.
When you book yourself directly into the Golden Series Plus, total fee will be $345.60.
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All fees are fully refundable if you are not entirely satisfied with your own outcome by the completion of the programs.

If you miss one of your schedules workshops, revisit that session in the following weeks.

If your workshop is interrupted due to technical problems on either side you can revisit that session in subsequent weeks.

We ensure you receive the full benefits of all modules. If for any reason you missed some concepts presented during a workshop, we also give you the opportunity to revisit that particular segment into the next available workshop.
Mastermind Series

Graduates of the Golden Plus Series you have now the opportunity to live up to the definition of Synectics:

The Mastermind Series consist of a Private Coaching Session for each participants individually, helping you with your specific requirements to turn your dreams into reality; you then join a group meeting each month for 6 consecutive months taking place in our on-line conference facility.

This is a professional group of people helping each other to become masters in their own field of Endeavor.

To facilitate the free flowing of communication and exchange of resources you all have access to the MTF Synectics Mastermind Communication Board.

In that area we also post interviews with successful people in their own field.

The total cost to cover expenses of this program $192.00

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Join a group of dedicated professionals Coaches,meeting monthly in our on-line conference facility.
At the beginning of the year the members decide on the detail of the agenda to foster and develop master skills in Personal Development, Professional and Business Development.
Members have access to the resources of the MTF Synectics Mastermind Members Communication Board, a platform for brain storming, creative thinking to share for the benefits of all participants.

Subscription fees to cover cost is $132.00

2014  Membership is free for the rest of the year.

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