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Professional Development


Dear Professional Employees, Contractors, Freelancers, and Self-Employed:

How to Produce Increasingly Competitive Values ?

You can no longer rely on your
employer/client to provide you with your next meal.

Too often, the very nature of specialization in your field of endeavor nowadays is isolating you from first hand exposure to other technologies and business trends.

It leaves you vulnerable to rapid changes when your expertise are becoming less relevant.

This is happening time and time again at a much faster rate.

Now, you hear more and more frequently the top management contracting consultants using the classic phrase," The position/contract was awarded to someone who match our client requirements and specifications more closely."

But then again do you go for a professional career niche at the risk of being irrelevant within the next few years.

So how do you remain relevant in this increasingly changing market?

The classic thing that keeps happening is when you finally are awarded the appointment/contract, you go into it absolutely dedicated, working extremely long hours, falling into a rut; skipping on your further education and training, and losing an awareness of you objectives for a balanced life.

Sooner or later, a use-by-date is placed on your forehead, but you do not see it coming.

You are not prepared for your next move; it has been forced upon you.

Do you want to become a successful independent contractor, work freelance or reposition your career path to give you more free time to pursue other interest in life?

Too often these questions come up at a time of crisis, your financial resources may be depleted rapidly due to your commitments, just at a time you need to find another source of income fast.

Why run the risk to fall into this trap?

Prepare yourself to become more independent, more valuable, and above all, more marketable for a positive outcome in the future.

Become your own company within a company with the help of our professional development program which includes:

  1. Managing your professional pathway.
  2. Professional performance appraisal.
  3. Professional development Plan.
  4. Personal Financial Plan
  5. Business Financial Plan.

Managing your professional pathway is your guide to maximize your professional experience and earning capacity. Develop new streams of income. Work for winners who will appreciate your contribution. Understand good business fundamentals before going into it for yourself.

The Professional Performance Appraisal will be your own private companion to gain a competitive advantage. It is your checklist to market yourself on your strength and improve your knowledge to reap the benefit.

The Professional Development Plan is a very comprehensive program to help develop your career aspirations to their maximum potential. It is also an ideal program, for all who want to work freelance, or on a contracting basis; it is your own specific business plan.

The Personal Financial Plan is part of the overall program to help you model your sources of income and expenses, reflecting your various planning strategies. It is very useful program for your personal budgeting.

The Business Financial Plan is offered to you free as a bonus, as in some cases of freelance work or contracting you may find that in your circumstances you will be required to register a company and keep these accounts separate. This program will help you in budgeting, keeping your personal and business accounts separate.

"This program is fantastic! I have not seen anything like it before. Everyone working, should have it, I find it so useful. It will change the employer - employee relationships forever…"  Ron Cruz


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