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Personal Development and  Life Strategies

Planning Your Personal Growth?

Finally a step by step program guiding you to do just that.

Your MTF Development Program Package now includes.

1. Your MTF Personal Development

The Introduction Program 

A time to reflect what you would really want to attract into your life. What would ignite your passion and purpose in life. 

This program is the prelude of our MTF Life Strategies Accelerated Breakthrough Board Program included in this package.

This introduction will help you to:

• Redefine your purpose in Life

• Live Your Passion in Life

• Be In Touch with your Own Spirit

• Develop your Own Intuition

• Reprogram your Mind to work for you

• Attracting what you want into your Life

• Setting, planning, achieving your Goals

"... Your program is a real inspiration to me. It helps me to focus on the things I want to attract into my life and they are starting to manifest. Thank you so much... I wish that many more thousands will join me in appreciating the benefits of this program. Thank you..."
Alice Reyes

2. Your MTF Life Strategies Accelerated Breakthrough Board                  Program

This Program (in excel file) in 14 modules serves as a structured framework to help you design, create a more rewarding life experience for you and all the people you interact with.

• Relationship with yourself

• Relationship with your partner

• Relationship with your family members

• Relationship with your friends & support group

• Relationship with your professional life

• Relationship with your business life

• Relationship with your finances

• Relationship with your community, public, media

• Relationship with your environment

• Your Life Strategies Summary Board

• Your Goals Summary Board

• Your Training Program

• Breaking Through Your Limiting Factors

• Your Checklist for congruency

The Program Format and Process Benefits:

By reflecting on your present feelings/emotions in all facets of your life, shifting your attention and thinking toward the things you want, ( away from the the things you do not want ) you gain a greater awareness and the ability to articulate positively with congruency your new preferred outcome you desire in all the areas of your life you seek to improve on.

In your silence ( giving space and time ) you are in the flow of allowing and intuitively attuned to the solutions which are emerging toward the manifestation of your new preferred outcome.

Manifesting the goods you desire.Visualizing living your new preferred outcomes in life; describing your thoughts/feelings and emotions, with the benefits/purpose it brings you and others around you.

Your comprehensive detailed program, guiding you from start to finish.

The step by step guide to bring you new possibilities, purpose and abundance into your life.

3. Your MTF Life Strategies Free Support

Your Life Strategies Program is now supported by Free on-line workshops To help you implement your own Life Strategies.

You are participating in a fast track personal development format using our unique MTF Life Strategies Accelerated Breakthrough Board.
The workshop gives you some unique insights on how to maximize the benefits of this very comprehensive program preparing you for a more fulfilling life.

In your own privacy you will be covering in details the following areas of your life: your relationship with yourself, your partner/spouse, family members, friends and support group, your professional life/business life, finance, your relationship with your community, the media, your own environment.

You then prepare your life strategies summary, your goals summary, your personal/professional/business training program, complete a self-referral exercise breaking through your limiting factors. You gain a better awareness of your own choices in life.

Your results and progression through this program remain in your own control and privacy at all times.

4. Your MTF Free Membership

Your MTF Free Membership gives you access to Free programs updates and weekly Insights that we further develop in our Free Foundation Conference Room for your benefit.

Download our NEW full working version now
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Download now for Free your full unrestricted working version.
For personal use only.

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Take action now...Plan for Success with our dedicated help

No gimmicks here, no endless bonuses of repackaged knowledge to overwhelm you, simply a professional step by step formula to ensure a better life outcome for you, with access to our FREE
On-line workshops to help you implement your Personal Development + your MTF Membership.

Your MTF Free Membership gives you access to Free programs updates and weekly Insights that we further develop in our Free Foundation Conference Room for your benefit.


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