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    Group Workshops
    Welcome to our Group Workshops. Welcome to our Group Workshops.
    MTF Life Strategies Conference Room - FREE

    Room Session Times:

    Free access to all members
      MTF Synectic Series Conference Room

    Room Session Times:

    Access Code Required
    MTF Professional Career Development Conference Room
    Room Session Times:

    Free access to all members
      MTF Business Development Conference Room

    Room Session Times:

    Free access to all members

    Also check our news section in your member's page to find out when we have open room sessions for general contacts, information & private coaching times. You always have the option to contact directly our Principal Coach on Skype at anytime. 

    Additional Information
    Do not get concerned with microphone, web cam etc. at this stage, You can fully participate in any workshop just with your internet connection, computer with speakers turned on, click on the Conference Room link in your member’s page, access to group workshops. You are in     { no software download needed }

    Of course if you are already set-up with voice or voice/web cam with either yahoo - net meeting - GTalk - Skype you are ready for a full participation in the conference room activities and forum.

    At the beginning of each workshop we will ask you to state the outcome you want out of the present workshop and we will ensure that with your help we work on it.

    At the end of each major segment there will be a question time, you all post you questions at once, give us 5 minutes to summarize them and work on the answers.

    There will be a break between workshops, if you attend the next one make sure you do not log out, just minimize the window only if you need to, ready to resume your participation.

    You will have 3 windows open.

    • Your members conference room text - voice - video enable
    • Your relevant mtf workshop program material that you downloaded for free
    • Your mtf  member's page

    Keep them open and minimize them in turn- make sure you do not close the conference room.

    At the end of the workshops we will ask you to post in your Member’ Page Feedback Form a short statement on your gains/insights, as we monitor the quality of the material presented.

    Please note:

    Sometimes when we clear our backlog in our workshops you may be the only participant in the next one. Do not worry, we are not, it’s your gain. We will look after you (You own private consultation).

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