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MTF Charter of Coaches

Management Task Force is committed to bring to a greater number of individuals in all parts of the world, new possibilities, abundance and purpose in life.

To achieve this we invite interested present and future Members of the MTF Synectics Mastermind to join the MTF Charter of Coaches with the following benefits.

  Use our extensive practical experience with proven programs to start and/or expand your coaching services practice.

No franchise to buy  

you will receive your very own direct partnership link customized for your current and prospective clients to download the program of their choice.

On this principle, you will have the legal authorization to use the material of the MTF Personal/Life Strategies, Professional and Business Development Programs  to:  deliver face to face coaching sessions, group workshops in Advanced Life Strategies Programs and in         
Advanced Business/Professional Development Programs delivered in  your own district, and/or world wide on-line to individual and groups.

You are in complete control of the fees you charge your clients, payable directly to you in full.

You have a multiple choice of the following coaching opportunities:

              Life Coach          Professional Career Coach             Business Coach  

No royalties to pay.
  + Your Monthly access to: the MTF Charter of Coaches Mentoring Program.
  + Your Practice listed in the MTF Charter of Coaches with link to your own Website.
  + A client referral system to be applied as a back-up and/or referring clients to you who would benefit more by receiving coaching specific to your area of expertise.

The MTF Synectics Mastermind Charter of Coaches Members are a group of dedicated professionals,meeting monthly in the MTF Conference Rooms facility.

At the beginning of the year the members decide on the detail of the agenda to foster and develop master skills coaching in Personal Development, Professional and Business Development.

Members have access to the resources of the MTF Synectics Mastermind Members Communication Board, a platform for brain storming, creative thinking to share for the benefits of all participants.

The MTF Synectics Mastermind membership, now includes the opportunity for you to become a Member of The MTF Charter of Coaches at no extra cost with all benefits listed above.

For accelerated access to newcomers wishing to take part in this unique opportunity, contact us here  

note: with this generous Charter of Coaches system, there
                                                                                                        will be no need for anyone to copy or bypass it, to                                                                                                         adversely affect their ethics and desired outcome

Yearly subscription fees to cover cost is $132.00

Renewable yearly:


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