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Business Development


Planning to start a new Business… or improve the one you have? Yes ! it's here


Finally a straightforward practical

Business Development Program: to do just that.

In just a few minutes you will have at your finger tips a comprehensive program to put you at the leading edge of your field of endeavor.

Increase your Net Business Income Opportunities = by determining the niche market which is best aligned with your passion in life and plan the necessary steps to make it happen...

Your Business Planning Blueprint in action, to make that extra money you wish for; congruent with your knowledge base and business passion for the added success you deserve ...

The MTF Business Development program consists of 5 modules

1. The Business Management Guide

2. The Business Performance Appraisal

3. Business Development Plan

4. Business Financial Plan

5. Personal Financial Plan

1. The Business Management Guide 

This guide is a concise series of key essential steps to obtain greater control and effectiveness in managing your business.
Gradually you will gain the benefits of working on your business, instead of working in it.

 “Thank you very much for your management guide, George.
You were so persistent in your guide that I started to implement it. Yes, I have found the time to set-up a stand at the trade show, and we received an initial export order of ½ million dollars.
We just came back from a fabulous 2 weeks holiday. On our return we found the business still operating and doing well, using your guidelines, and again thank you very much for you Business Management Guide."
-   Neil Wickham 

2. The Business Performance Appraisal
This is an excellent system to evaluate all facets of your business and improve on it.
My accountant just grabbed a copy of it, and he won’t return it back to me.
The format of this appraisal is also very useful if you are assessing, the potential of a business that you wish to buy, or simply learn more about the foundation of Business Processes.

We learned so much more about our Business by having a candid look at it, using your appraisal. We knew straight away, what we needed to do. Among other things, we expanded and targeted our marketing efforts resulting in 30% increase in sales within 6 months ..."
-   Yvonne DE Borde

3. Business Development Plan
This is where you are going to wear your customer’s shoes, for a while and, see where they are going to take you. This is the only way you are really going to understand your customers needs, wants and, what solution they seek to resolve their problems.

Equally you will do this exercise with your prospective customers.
Those Shoes!… are they going to lead you back to your business again and again, because of your superior benefits offering, or are they going to end up in your competitors business ?Either way, can you explain why?…
You can!.. In detail?… Good.

Now, if you have all the right elements in place and you are convinced that you would like more people to benefit from your product/service; How would you reach them? … OK, you already know the profile of these prospects and understand how they would benefit from your products/service… but then again, why should they buy from you?…

Our Business Development Plan will help you answer these critical questions and much more regardless of……..

What type of business you are in or intent to go into.    
“Your Business Development Plan helps us to sort out, all our thoughts about the future of our business, into a logical plan.
We were particularly grateful to find out how to reposition our business to maximize our profit and growth. Our catering business is attracting a greater number of larger accounts with 20% higher sales value per guest.
Thank you very much, so pleased to have come across your products and services. Thanks." - John Polson

4. Business Financial Plan
This program allows you to quickly see the impact of your different planning decisions and its financial consequences on the business.

5. Personal Financial Plan 

A Personal Financial Plan is a very important especially when you intend to go into your own business. Kept separate from your business financial, it will help you budgeting at a time when your cash flow will be under pressure.

                  Take action today…Plan for Success
The complete Business Development Program is now offered to you with the following Free on-line support workshops

Business Development

Referring to the MTF Business appraisal, focusing on action steps to strengthen your market position and revenues.

Sales & Marketing

Here we work together to explore what Sales and Marketing concepts can be adapted to best help your business increase sales with improved margins.

Business Makeover

Giving your business a new lease of life added value and increased revenue.

Productivity Improvement

You and your company become more productive without the usual stress associated with this process.

Time Consciousness
       - Management -

This free workshop is placed last in this group. As you develop your Business Strategies and complete your Business Planning;Time Consciousness
 - management - will have a new meaning to you, then we can work together with some pleasing results.

Download now for Free your full unrestricted working version.
For personal use only.

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Professional Coaches: please note, if you want to use this material for your practice refer to


Take action today…Plan for Success with our dedicated help

No gimmicks here, no endless bonuses of repackaged knowledge to overwhelm you, simply a professional step by step formula to ensure a better life outcome for you, with access to our FREE On-line workshops to help you implement your Business Development  + your Free MTF Membership.

Your MTF Free Membership gives you access to Free programs updates and weekly Insights that we further develop in our Free Foundation Conference Room for your benefit.


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